There are a number of stunning (occasionally chilly!) swimming locations in and around Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park.  

Obviously - Richardson's Beach is delightful and the easiest for you to get to, just wander down the front and follow the path on your left.  As you will likely see this is a popular spot for flat water stand-up paddle board riders and kayakers. 

There is also Big Cove, Little Cove and Pirates Cove as you walk around to the right towards Muirs Beach.  Further out on the Coles Bay road there is the Swanwick river mouth.

Locals will tell you it's not completely uncommon to see skinny dippers in at Sleepy Bay as well, the swim is usually very brief!  Sleepy Bay is on the ocean side of the peninsula so is always brisk - quite literally breathtaking.


Free from the back yard - something truly outstanding on a clear night.  Turn off the lights, walk out the back and look up - a stunning view to behold as you see the cluster of stars that is the Milky Way and our universe.  If you really want to give it your all, download the "Skywalker" app to your phone and identify the rest of the stars!

From the front deck, keep an eye out towards the south (past the Hazards on the right).  If you see a slight glow, you may just be looking at the Southern Lights, also known as the Aurora Australis, (the southern hemispheres version of the Aurora Borealis).  Photographers travel the globe just to catch a single image of these lights.  You will find more information on the Southern Lights here.