Coles Bay is a small township, nestled beneath the dramatic Hazards Mountain Range, which when coupled with the white silica sands of Wineglass Bay and pristine azure waters of the ocean, prove to be a devastatingly wonderful sight.  Travellers from all over the world return here again and again, to visit this enchanting place.

We've listed some of the walks you might like to do to help you make the most of your time here starting with an easy entree and awakening to Freycinet!

Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Don’t miss this, it’s easy!  Drive up to the Lighthouse (a signed left turn on the road in the National Park before the Wineglass Bay car park).  There is a short, easy, wheelchair friendly walk right around the lighthouse, perfect to get your bearings of the area on the afternoon you arrive - the coastal scenery is just so spectacular with some statistics of ocean mammals to astound.  You can see beautiful Wineglass Bay in the distance from the bottom section of the path.

Wineglass bay walk lookout (3km return)

Wineglass Bay is the signature experience of Freycinet National Park.  The Wineglass Bay walk to the lookout is approximately 1 hour return.  It’s a moderately steep, stepped track that climbs up between Mt Amos and Mt Mason to the saddle lookout.  From the lookout you can see views over Wineglass Bay to Mt Freycinet and Mt Graham - if you have a bit more energy you can walk all the way to the beach. This link may be particularly useful: Freycinet Peninsular

Wineglass bay walk to the beach and return

Following the same track to the Wineglass Bay walk lookout, you simply continue down to the beach, returning on the same track.  It is approximately 2.5 hours return and quite steep so you need to be fit.  Add another 40 minutes if you plan to walk to the southern and of the beach (completely worth it!), be sure to pack plenty of water, sunscreen and some lunch.  

Isthmus track circuit (9.5km return)

Taking the same track to Wineglass Bay walk to the beach, then follow the Isthmus Track past Hazards Lagoon to Hazards Beach.  You then walk north along Hazards Beach, following the Hazards track back to the car park around Mt Mayson.  Approximately 4 – 5 hours.  (Insider Tip - If you don't want to do the full circuit, you can catch the Freycinet Aqua Taxi to Hazards Beach, walk across the isthmus to Wineglass Bay and then walk back over the saddle).

Cooks beach (20km return)

This will take approximately 8 hours return.  Take the Hazards track from the car park to Hazards Beach, continuing along the beach to the peninsular track and onwards to Cooks Beach.  Return on same track. Again - the Aqua Taxi can make this easier if you so wish.  Cooks Beach is completely magical.

Peninsular track (30km)

This one is recommended as a two day hike, camping at Cooks Corner overnight.  The walk is the same as the Cooks Beach walk but returns via Mt Graham, linking up with the Wineglass Bay walk, along the beach and over the saddle back to the car park.

Sleepy Bay

On the road leading up to the Cape Tourville Lighhouse there is a car park on the right.  It's a short walk, good for an afternoon look around, about 20 – 30 minutes return, taking you down a track along the cliffs to the beach with some stunning huge rock formations.

Mt Amos (4km Return)

This walk will take approximately 3 hours.  It is a steep and difficult climb in parts and should not be attempted in wet weather or in poor footwear.  It is not recommended for the elderly or young children and please take water with you just in case.  It is well worth the effort though as it offers magnificent panoramic views of Wineglass Bay and the southern part of the Peninsular.

BLUESTONE BAY (1hr return)

On a beautiful clear day the colour of the water in this bay is just jaw dropping.  The track down to it is a four wheel drive track that is very easy to walk on and not too steep.  The sign to Bluestone is down the track not on the road so keep a watch out.  It starts on the left side of the road as your are driving up towards the Cape Tourville Lighthouse as it comes into view.  There is a small area for parking on the right of the road but no signage.  Abundant with birds the bay is well know to locals for abalone diving.

Friendly Beaches

A beautiful fine white, high silica sand surf beach where you can walk for miles and miles without seeing another human soul but plenty of uncommon sea birds along the way.  Located about 16kms from Coles Bay (back towards the Tasman Highway), it is approximately 2km from the main road on a good mostly gravel road.  Take your backpack with a picnic but don’t attempt a swim as there are strong rips in there!